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Morasha Germany is a national student organization that welcomes Jewish students and young professionals of all backgrounds.

It was created to foster Jewish life among young adults and create a network with other Jews around the country. Morasha Germany has developed an educational and social platform on which young Jewish adults can build their Jewish future in a comfortable and non-judgmental way.

The first learning program started in 2007 in Berlin. Initiated by local people, a small group began meeting weekly in a Kosher café. Over the years, Morasha spread to other communities in the country. Various young activists and local Rabbis were inspired and decided to create their own branches, each town according to its needs, in the spirit of Judaism timeless values.

Today Morasha’s learning & networking program spans all over Germany and is rapidly growing.

In addition to local weekly learning events, Morasha Germany organizes regional and national events. These include weekend seminars, educational and team-building trips, learning retreats and conferences.

Morasha is always searching for young ambitious social entrepreneurs to join in making a difference to Jewish life for students in Germany.

Our Goals

  • Create pathways for students and young professionals to join and take responsibility of their local Jewish communities.

  • Make Torah and Jewish values relevant to students and young professionals of all backgrounds.

  • Promote curiosity and interest in Jewish values.

  • Enable, encourage and advance Torah education and commitment to Jewish values.

  • Provide access for spiritual development.

  • Foster leadership and provide those leaders with the resources they need to develop and maintain Jewish programming in their local cities.

  • Synthesize Jewish values and the observance of Jewish law within the secular world.

  • We very much look forward to hearing from you!



Truly yours, Morasha Germany Team

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